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Feel free to contact me using any of the means above.
I will gladly respond to any requests,
questions or suggestions you have to propose.



If you live in Geneva or the surrounding areas and want a commissioned illustration of your house, pubic establishment or accommodation illustrated by me, feel free to contact me via any of the means possible available in the contact section of the website.
Price and availability can be discussed in private with me via the contact method you choose.

Stephen Green



Welcome to Stephen K. Green's

Scrollmap Website


This link takes you to my ScrollMap page where you will find to ever changing Scrollmap's that will take you to the UK, the Algarve and more



This link will take you to my Illustrated Prints, Cards and Postcards illustrated works.



This link will take you to my Illustrated work of Commissioned and Architectural Illustrative works.


Other Projects

This link will take you to my Music, Theatre and Photographic works outside this site.



Update [0.6.4]


16:59 12/07/19

cleaned up some code


Update [0.6.3]

19:15 11/06/19

added loading bars
fixed a jQuery error


Update [0.6.2]

18:19 23/06/19

latency optimization for faster loading
small UI tweaks
server-side changes


Update [0.6.1]

16:54 30/04/19

removed some old code
more UI consistency
improuvements and tweaks
stability updates


Update [0.6]

16:19 09/04/19

universal scrollbars are now fully implemented
more UI consistency
completed the home, scrollmap and card page completely
minor optimizations


Update [0.2.8]

21:23 03/04/19

scrollbar fixes
UI improuvements


Update [0.2.7]

10:56 02/04/19

added universal scrollbars
small UI tweaks


Update [0.2.5]

21:29 24/03/19

changed font files
tweaks to the copyright information


Update [0.2.4]

16:58 24/03/19

This small update contains fixes and improvements, and refines certain UI elements for easier use and identification.

redesigned the homepage for easier navtigation
added an easier navigation menu in all pages
added some new illustrations
under the hood preparations for future updates


Update [0.2]

13:09 21/03/19

added an updates section on the homepage


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