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This page containes images, commissions and completed works.
Ongoing commission for Castello Sporting Club which is to open in May 2012. The work consists of manipulation of type and the illustration of Silves Castle as well as the creation of a unique logo format............ Link to Castello web site for more information  on the Club
Quinta Julia, Silves

The Quinta Julia illustration is used on Cards and the Qunta Julia web site.

This Watercolour illustration was commissioned by Martinal in 2009/2010 and shows the whole of the complex. This is one of two that were commissioned for the Martinal project.
Martinal, Sagres, Algarve
Frog Stamp issue The Gambia
During the first years of my career I was lucky to be commissioned by Crown Agents to produce a series of stamps for the commonwealth dependancies.
Frogs The Gambia issue
World Food Day Issue
Eaton and Jones Jewellers, Tenterden, Kent
Both of these crayon illustations were used on web sites for on the left Eaton and Jones and right Swaines outfittes. You can link to Swaines by clicking on the image.
Swaines Outfitters, Tenterden, Kent
A Ceramic tap head design
Catchpole and Rye Web Logo
A Ceramic tap head design
Another commission that was fun to work on was Catchpole and Rye on the Logo and small ceramic tap heads that we produced for the use on tap and shower handles.
Link to Sandpipers Link to Sandpipers
Sandpipers Too
Sandpipers used as headings and on signage.


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