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A new project Morning Colours with Jackie O'Grady

Back on track at last doing what I love most and that is playing and arranging my guitar. I have teamed up with Jackie who herself is an accomplished songwriter and guitarist and whom has just released an album of her own work

You can hear Jackie on myspace linked here.....

More to follow after we record in 2012.............

Link to Jackie O'Grady here!

The Chronicle of a Fire Fortold... was a story that I started in 2003 and still has profound consequence on everyday life on the lives of inhabitants of the Monchique Mountains in the Algarve. Since that time other distuctive fires have raged all over the world, this story is repeated year after year and still nothing is done to alleviate the suffering caused by pollution and Global Warming. I will continue to question and follow events as they happen and we at ScrollMap will build a detail of just how damaging events such as this are. John Pearson I met after he had lost all of his house and possessions in the fire-storm that Summer in 2003. The story of that fire in 2003 and following year 2004 is linked to the cover and shows how devastating and destructive one match in the wrong hands can be. As of now in 2012 there still has been no compensation, no guilty party brought to book and I am sure with Global Warming this will happen again. My pictures and article have appeared in 123 Algarve newspaper, the BBC and here on John Pearson's album sleeve.

Cronicle of a Fire Fortold

Help Japan 2011 .....The proceeds of the download of this single by myself, ScrollMap and Trisha Smith will go to help all those desperate after the deverstating earthquake that hit the Japanese coast and the subsequent Tsunami. The artwork work for the unique project was inspired by the mid-1780,s Kitao Masanobu "Courtesans at Leisure" but I have added my own style to the girls and call it "21st Century Geisha", you can link to the smaller picture here to see details................

Alternatively link to the picture right and go to MySpace to hear the track and then you can decide to return here to buy the track here...

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Colours the first Album

Click on the above cover to go to Myspace and hear the tracks.

This is my first album with Trisha Smith on vocals.

The 'Colours' album here was collaboration between me on guitar with Pheobe Trisca Smith on vocals and arrangements. All the songs are our own and we have performed at such venues as the London Fleadh, Mean Fiddler and The Kashmire Club to name a few.

The downloaded tracks to purchase are 99p each with the whole album for £5.00. If the album has to be posted as a CD we will add a little extra for postage. We will accept Pay Pal or direct Bacs.

All funds will go to the new project we are putting together.

Purchase the album here ........
Colours first album
Download Flyer Here

An Ongoing project with Operami Geneva

After the success of La Traviata that was performed at the Alhambra Theatre in Geneva last January 2011 the company is now fully committed to this January's performance of Romeo and Juliette that will again take place at the Alhambra Theatre Geneva and you can download the flyer on the left for dates and contact.

Alternatively you can contact ScrollMap and we will be happy to help you with information, dates and prices.

More information is on the La Traviata flyer as this will link to the Operami web site where press cuttings and more information can be found ......

Link to Operami Web Site

For Bookings, More Information or track/CD orders link to this E-mail and ill get back to you ................

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